Geotechnical Services

Retaining Wall Design

Engineered, stamped, and guaranteed. Our retaining wall experts in Calgary, Edmonton, and Canmore have designed hundreds of unique and functional walls.

Materials Testing

Specializing in compaction, concrete and asphalt testing, we will review project specifications and plans and send a technician to ensure your project is built to spec.

Soil Bearing Report (SBR)

A requirement for City of Calgary inspections, a Soil Bearing Report ensures that the soil beneath the footings of your building can support it without significant settlement.

Geotechnical Investigation

A geotechnical investigation, or soils report, is an important document required for permitting and design for some developments. Always a good idea.

Slope Stability Assessment

The City of Calgary restricts development on or near slopes. Get a slope stability assessment to determine the Factor of Safety (FOS) so your project can get going.

Excavation Stability Assessment

OH&S requirements for excavations can be relaxed if inspected by a qualified geotechnical engineer. We’ll take a look and see if we can save you some money.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

We also offer engineering and QA and QC construction support in the form of materials testing and geotechnical lab testing services.

We specialize in the testing of concrete, soils, and asphalt.

Engineering Design and Inspections

  • Deep Foundation Cast in Place Concrete Pile (CIP) Design
  • Screw Pile Design
  • CIP Concrete Pile Installation Monitoring
  • Driven Pile Installation Monitoring
  • Shoring Installation Monitoring
  • Dam Safety Review
  • + more

Next Steps…

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