Materials Testing

Materials testing includes testing of soil, concrete and asphalt in accordance to ASTM and CSA standards. Some of the laboratory soil tests include Standard or Modified proctors, moisture content, soil index, sulphate determinations, gradation analysis, etc. Soil and asphalt laboratory tests are performed in accordance to CSA and ASTM Standards.

Field testing includes the monitoring and control of compaction fills using Moisture-Density gauges commonly known as nuclear densometers.

Both of our laboratories are certified by CCIL (Category 0) for concrete. Field concrete test currently being undertaken by e2k include the measurement of slump, entrained air content and concrete temperature. A standard of three cylinders are cast for determination of compressive strength, typically one cylinder at 7 days and two cylinders at 28 days. Certain concrete mix design requires 56 days compressive strength, as well. Cast cylinders are cured in a temperature controlled curing tank until the test date. Cylinders are then measured to ensure CSA compliances and to ensure quality.

Our laboratories have the capability to end-cap the cylinders with a high strength sulphur compound or grinding of the concrete cylinders to provide additional quality control over end conditions during compression testing.